hUMBLE Cosmetics Classic Complete Face Set

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The hUMBLE Cosmetics Classic Complete Face Makeup Brush Set was created to give the perfect brush set for beginners with the essentials for both eye and face makeup. With the option to use cream or powder face makeup with multipurpose brushes, there is everything you need to create your best look!

Use the 201 Precision Face Brush to apply a thick cream or liquid foundation and bronzer, then buff out and blend easily to achieve the desired coverage. The 204 Tapered Powder Brush perfectly to apply powder, blush, or highlighter onto the upper contours of the face for a glowing face

Using a neutral eyeshadow with the 105 Medium Blending brush,  follow the arch of your eye crease and blend from side to side. Next, use 101 Small shader Brush to pick up another eyeshadow and sweep over the lower lid from the lash line to crease. Use 110 Angled Brush to shape brows and soften color, brushing brow hairs up and over.

This set includes:

201 Precision Face Brush

204 Tapered Powder Brush

101 Small Shading Brush

105 Medium Blending Brush

110 Angled Brush

hUMBLE Cosmetics was built to support the new generation of beauty bloggers, gurus, makeup fanatics, artists, and just your everyday lover of makeup. Soft and gentle for your skin, feel good, and look good while using hUMBLE Cosmetics products.

Tips: When applying makeup, a great tip is to apply your eye makeup first, all the pigment fallout can easily be swept off with the hUMBLE Cosmetics 111 Angled Blending Brush, leaving a clean slate for your face makeup.

Tips: The hUMBLE Cosmetics 112 Spoolie Brush is fantastic for grooming your brows! Taking the spoolie brush you can rub it against some glycerin soap with a little bit of water, brush through your brows, and you instantly have fluffy, full, tamed brows.

Tips: Most professional makeup artists tend to use brushes for foundation application for more coverage and a matte finish. The essential face set includes the all the tools to create a solid face makeup routine. The hUMBLE Cosmetics 202 Round Kabuki Brush will seamlessly blend in all your foundation, and you can finish off setting powder and blush. 

Tips: Awaken your face with the hUMBLE Cosmetics 208 Concealer Brush. Using brightening concealers or lighter shades than your natural skin tone, apply to the outer eye area and inner eye area, melt and blend into your skin for an instant glow from within!

Tips: While the hUMBLE Cosmetics 212 Blending Sponge is used for a perfect foundation application, you can activate it with water so it can expand and become soft and weightless.  At the end of your makeup routine, pat and dab the damp sponge all over to remove excess makeup to prevent a cakey surface.  

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